Wednesday, 18 May 2011

3 Easy Homemade Cosmetics

Hey, sorry not been posting much lately it's exam time! :/ 

I thought I'd give you some new ideas today. I love making my own cosmetics, so much cheaper and they seem more special. Plus they're natural so must be better for you :p  Why not give some a go? 


This is so simple - only uses 3 ingredients! But you have to make it yourself to realize how lovely it is! :)
All you have to do is get a small container - preferable an old lip balm case or something similar. Put in a scoop of plain petroleum jelly (Vaseline), a dollop of honey and a couple of drops of lemon juice and STIR :) it will form a thick, smooth texture. If desired, leave in the fridge for a while to set a bit, but this isn't necessary (especially if where you live is as cold as England) as you may prefer it runny. You could also try adding a touch of red food colouring for a flash of colour, but it looks great clear too.

HEALTHY BECAUSE: petroleum jelly is great for moisturising your lips and acts as a barrier against dirt, honey is a natural antiseptic and lemon juice can kill bacteria and cleanse.

Or if honey isn't really your thing then peppermint oil, lemon oil, almond oil are just some of the possible alternatives - get creative!! :D


Great way to use any yoghurt a couple of days past its expiry date. Doesn't matter whether it's got fruit in but plain is preferable as fruit ones might have additives which I'm guessing aren't the best things to put on your face! Obviously the yoghurt doesn't have to be old but it's a good excuse. Put a 2-3 tablespoons in a bowl and mix with a tablespoon of olive oil and a splash of fresh fruit juice if desired (smoothies work a treat). Make sure it's ice cold before covering a freshly cleaned face. Leave for 5-10 minutes so it will have time to set on your skin then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will already feel smoother and refreshed!

This mask works great as a hair mask too! To repair and add shine ;D

HEALTHY BECAUSE: yoghurt contains lactic acid which is proven to be beneficial to your skin. It also contains milk proteins which act as an inflammatory reducing effects of tired, puffy skin. Olive oil moisturises and smooths skin. Fruit juice contains vitamins and antioxidants which are absorbed by your skin.


Oats are great for the skin. Add a handful or 2 to your hot bath with a few drops of scented oils or honey for aroma therapy, and you will instantly see how it makes skin feel silky smooth! you have to try this!

Could also just add some hot water to some oats and use as a face mask/ foot bath/ whatever you want! If it's skin then oats will help it!

HEALTHY BECAUSE: Bathes skin cells in natural vitamins, moisturises and prevents dry, flaky skin.

These are all tried and tested by me of course! I hope you will have as much fun making and using them as I do. Will soon be back with more! I have plenty of new ideas to try & test :)

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