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Celeb-inspired Make-up Looks to suit YOU...

So I'm going to take 4 celebrities and explain how to to their signature make-up look. But to decide which one's for you, you first have to decide which celebrity resembles you most in colouring, face/ eye shape etc. (you may fit into two categories - great, you can try both! :D) Once you have figured it out, try out their make up look and you will know that it will suit you too :) okay here we gooo....

Sasha Pivovarova - Fair Skin-Tone, Pale Eyes
Here, hair colour is irrelevant. If you have fair skin and blue, green or grey eyes, then shimmering pastel shades like these will look great on you.
Use shimmery eye shadow in pink or peachy tones with cream eye shadow in the inner-corners and on the brow bone to highlight. Use very little or no eye liner for  a simplistic, natural look. Apply a little mascara.
Apply a subtle amount of peach-toned blusher for a natural glow. Use some shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones 
Think pale! Not everyone can pull off  the shade Sahsa is wearing in the photo, but apply a pale pink or nude lipstick of some sort. Alternatively, if you don't have anything like that, put a small amount of pale concealer  and massage  along your entire lip-line with your finger tip so that it is completely blended and there is no definite lip line. Then apply a clear or lightly tinted lip-gloss.

Penelope Cruz - Brunette, Olive Skin-tone, Dark Eyes
If you think you fit into this category, your complexion, eyes and hair will all be warm colours. In order to make the most of this with your make-up, stick to warm, neutral tones.
It's time to be creative! Blending is the most important thing here. Just get a nice shade or two of brown eye shadow and blend blend blend! How you do it is up to you. Complete definition with a black or brown eye liner -  flicking upwards at the outer-corners - and a swipe of mascara. Highlighting the brow bones is always a good plan.
Choose a lipstick that's neither too dark nor too light and a warming tone. Basically - don't stray too far from their natural colour.If preferred just stick to a clear lip gloss or balm, that's all you really need!
A touch of bronzer could finish off this warm, Mediterranean-style look. However for Winter, a tiny swipe of peach blusher is probably best.

Naomi Campbell - Dark Skin-Tone, Dark Eyes, Dark Hair
If your skin-tone is very dark, you can get away with wearing more dramatic make-up without looking overdone. You can emphasise both the eyes and the lips and look great.

Start with some deep-coloured eye shadow - purple or burgundy are great choices - and use a finger tip to lightly dab a small amount along both the upper and lower lash-lines and blend outwards so there is a border around the entire eye. Then get a little black eye shadow and repeat this process only using even less and not blending out quite as far so it appears that the black is blending into the colour. Apply black eye liner along the upper and lower lash lines and  finish with a few coats of black mascara for ultimate definition.
You don't need anything at all on your cheeks - Your dark skin tone means you will never have a tired, drained complexion so lucky you! Just leave your natural glowing skin to do the work.
Choose a bold, statement lipstick which coincides with your chosen eye shadow colour. Then touch of lip gloss over the top will add to the glamour.

Ziyi Zhang - Fair Skin-tone, Dark Hair (not NECESSARILY Asian)
If your skin is fair but your hair is contrastingly dark, then your features will naturally stand out strikingly, but to emphasise this, neat, bold and yet not over-the-top make-up works best.
No eye shadow is needed for this look as we are going for neatness, but some highlighter or some white or cream shimmery shadow would be great for making your eyes stand out even more. Then, with some liquid or cream eye liner and a steady hand, line the lop lash line only flicking outwards. Then apply a few coats of black mascara.
Apply a touch of pink blusher to the apples of your cheeks for a rosy look and then highlight your cheek bones.
A bright, cherry-red lipstick would be perfect for this look, but for a more everyday safe option, try a rosy pink shade. Use lip liner first to create a perfectly defined lip line.


Sunday, 19 December 2010

the youth

the youth
the youth by Cranberry94 featuring heart tights



2 Winter Make-up Looks...

These two daytime make-up looks should keep you set all winter. It's all about embracing your natural beauty whilst keeping with the winter theme...

1. Icy, Fresh-Faced Glow - This is a very innocent and natural look with subtle emphasis to the cheeks and a bit of shimmer on the eyes to reflect all this frosty weather!
You will need:
  • Concealer
  • Pressed powder
  • Peach-toned blusher
  • Highlighter/ cream shimmery eye shadow
  • Black Mascara
  • Black eye-liner pencil (optional)
  • Silver/ Light blue glitter eye shadow
  • Clear/ Tinted lipgloss
1. Carefully cover up any blemishes or dark circles you may have with concealer. Make sure this isn't too dark!! This will emphasise blemishes and give you a blotchy complexion. If anything, slightly too pale is better. Even if you are lucky enough to not have any blemishes, smooth a bit over your nose as it can actually make it look smaller by being so flawless and smooth. Also dab a little around the lip-line and smooth with fingers as this makes your lips stand out more afterwards.
2. Brush the powder over the entire face to give a flawless, matt complexion.
3. Using a smaller brush or your index finger, smooth the highlighter in a diagonal line over your cheekbones and then blend. Also apply some to the inner corners of your eyes and the brow bone. If desired brush a little over the entire eyelid and down the front of the nose.
4. With a small brush, cotton bud or index finger, smooth the glitter eye shadow just above the upper lash line and just below the lower lash line and blend out. Apply the mascara. If desired, use some black eye-liner too but this is not necessary as the mascara will give the eyes enough definition. If you do use eye liner, don't over do it with just thin lines in the outer corners, blended inwards.
5. Apply a small amount of peach blusher to the apples of the cheeks
6. Apply the lip gloss

2. Smokey, Seductive Neutrals - This is a more dramatic look with emphasis on both the eyes and the lips. It is a warm, very flattering look with connotations of the smoky fireside.

You Will Need:

  • Concealer
  • Pressed Powder
  • Peach-toned blusher
  • Black Mascara
  • Brown eye-liner pencil
  • 2 shades of brown eye shadow
  • Warm-toned lipstick (choose shade according to skin tone)

1. (See steps one and two above)
2. Smooth your lighter brown eye shadow over your eyelid tracing the eye socket so that it is roughly in a semi-circle shape. Blend so there are no harsh lines.
3. Apply a little of the darker shade from the outward corner blending inwards, making sure you don't lend any past halfway down the lash line.
4. Blend this darker outer corner outwards and upwards slightly so that it flicks out just past the eye socket line for added emphasis.
5. Trace the outer corner of both the upper and lower lash line and blend inwards.
6. Apply the mascara.
7. Apply the peach-toned blusher with a medium-sized brush just under the apples of the cheeks brushed upwards in a diagonal line tracing the contour of the cheekbone and blend well.
8. Use a lip pencil first if desired tracing your exact lip line. Apply lipstick by dabbing rather than swiping, to give a more natural, "lived-in" texture, either with a finger tip, a brush or cotton bud, or lightly with the lipstick itself.

Pasarela Fashion

Pasarela Fashion
Pasarela Fashion by Cranberry94 on Polyvore.com

For fashion inspiration, advice, tips and discussions, check out my blog:


5 Useful items this winter...

Winter is definetely here and over here in England its pretty cold! So wrapping up warm is essential - but that doesn't mean we can't be fashionable at the same time! Here are some items that I find really useful during these cold months but will still keep you bang on trend...

1. Military Coat

Being very slimming, these compliment most figures and a stylish coat is essential at this time of year! Whether you choose navy, black, red, or something a little more obscure you could chuck this over any outfit and add instant sophistication. New Look, H&M and Zara are selling some great designs at the moment at reasonal prices!! (the one in the picture is from New Look) http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/jackets-and-coats?trail=1002:cat20021:2002:Red|Blue&icCategory=cat20021&bfh_so=3&bfh_ps=20

2. Combat Boots

As well as being amazingly comfy and practical, these add an edge to whatever you wish to wear - whether jeans or a dress. Although boots can be expensive, there are some good offers out there and they are made to last so are a good investment. I recommend Verani but there aren't that many branches, but there are some great combat boots in most highstreet shops at the moment.

3. Thick tights

These can brighten up your outfit, but they also keep you warm! It's a good idea to keep with seasonal tones - purple, grey, scarlet, or muted burgundy (above). Another colour that can look great is teal. Black is good of course but plai black is a bit safe!! Why not be more experimental with colours or even go for a pattern? Polka-dots, stripes, hearts and bows all look very cute :)

4. Long Jumper

There is nothing warmer than a big, oversized jumper! So comfy and yet they look great too! They come in all sorts of different designs so have a look round and see what suits your own personal style but this is a must have as they are so versatile.

5. Norwegian Hat

Their vibrant colours and patterns mean you have to have a bit of courage to wear one - but  they are sure to brighten up any outfit whilst keeping your ears toasty warm. However, they usually look best left untied and with your hair down underneath - but experiment as you wish! :)

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Intro.. :D

Hey! I'm Roxanna, I'm 16 and from England... In this blog I hope to share new fashion trends, discuss the latest looks for teenagers and young women, and show you how easy it is to spend little and look great! I will post as often as possible and put links up you may find useful.

Basically, if you enjoy expressing your creativity through clothes, hair and make-up and you like to be unique, (without taking youself too seriously!!) then this is the place for you! Hope you enjoy :)