Sunday, 19 December 2010

5 Useful items this winter...

Winter is definetely here and over here in England its pretty cold! So wrapping up warm is essential - but that doesn't mean we can't be fashionable at the same time! Here are some items that I find really useful during these cold months but will still keep you bang on trend...

1. Military Coat

Being very slimming, these compliment most figures and a stylish coat is essential at this time of year! Whether you choose navy, black, red, or something a little more obscure you could chuck this over any outfit and add instant sophistication. New Look, H&M and Zara are selling some great designs at the moment at reasonal prices!! (the one in the picture is from New Look)|Blue&icCategory=cat20021&bfh_so=3&bfh_ps=20

2. Combat Boots

As well as being amazingly comfy and practical, these add an edge to whatever you wish to wear - whether jeans or a dress. Although boots can be expensive, there are some good offers out there and they are made to last so are a good investment. I recommend Verani but there aren't that many branches, but there are some great combat boots in most highstreet shops at the moment.

3. Thick tights

These can brighten up your outfit, but they also keep you warm! It's a good idea to keep with seasonal tones - purple, grey, scarlet, or muted burgundy (above). Another colour that can look great is teal. Black is good of course but plai black is a bit safe!! Why not be more experimental with colours or even go for a pattern? Polka-dots, stripes, hearts and bows all look very cute :)

4. Long Jumper

There is nothing warmer than a big, oversized jumper! So comfy and yet they look great too! They come in all sorts of different designs so have a look round and see what suits your own personal style but this is a must have as they are so versatile.

5. Norwegian Hat

Their vibrant colours and patterns mean you have to have a bit of courage to wear one - but  they are sure to brighten up any outfit whilst keeping your ears toasty warm. However, they usually look best left untied and with your hair down underneath - but experiment as you wish! :)

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