Friday, 29 April 2011

Key make-up look for Spring 2011

This season it's all about embracing your natural beauty with that added flush of colour to add that warm spring feeling to your style :)

I recommend laying off the eye make-up for the next few months (during the daytime at least :D) and just going for a shimmery pearly shade in the inner corner and perhaps a subtle brown or golden shade smudged in the outer corners slanted up simply to make your eye colour stand out and give your eyes that youthful, almost feline look ;) and then a swipe of mascara of course :)

cheeks and lips are the main features here. Having said that, you don't want to go for the clown-inspired look! ;p To avoid this, choose shades that match your skin tone - decide whether your skin is warm or cold toned (whether you're dark or fair, you can still have a warm or cold tone!) so if you're warm toned choose a colour with golden undertones - peach, coral etc.. If you're cold-toned go for a shade with blue undertones - sugar pinks :) but remember not to go too cold for the blusher as this isn't as flexible - it could make you look ill or worse - painted :s

So basically once you've chosen your colours concentrate your blusher on the apples of the cheeks smudging downwards in a tear drop shape. this gives the impression of a natural flush as this is where the blood would naturally rush to the skin surface. Leave your cheekbones alone as this is not natural!! If you want to bring them out more simply add a touch of highlighter in a curve just below and to the outer sides of both your eyes but blend well!

The lips need to have both colour and shine so you could use a lipstick in your chosen shade and then add some clear lip gloss or even just Vaseline will do. or just use a tinted lip gloss.

There may be alternative methods to get there but the desired result is essentially the same :) Happy Spring! :D

Monday, 25 April 2011

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