Friday, 25 February 2011

Spring Make-Up Looks :D

It may still be the middle of February, but I'm already in the mood for Spring! I'm going to start the season with some flattering make-up looks which are perfect for this time of year... this spring it's all about clear, youthful, flushed skin with only slight embellishment to one chosen feature - here are the choices... Enjoy ;)


If you want your lips to be your make-up statement, use a peach or sugar pink matt lipstick. Resist the temptation to reach for that mascara - If you really must, use a clear or brown one or simply curl the lashes to eliminate your eyelash insecurities whilst not stealing the limelight from the lips! Put a touch of blusher on the apples of your cheeks if you think you need it but judge for yourself! - you may be covering up your natural glow. If you feel a matt lipstick doesn't suit you, put a touch of clear lip gloss or balm over it to tone it down. As for the colour, don't worry about it not matching your skin tone - due to the minimalist make up on the rest of the face, clashing is allowed!!

If you want to be a blushing beauty this spring, make sure your blusher is right for your skin tone:
Fair - pastel pink
Light Golden/ Medium - Peach
Dark - red-based/deep pink
For this look you are allowed mascara, and a bit of eye liner in the outer corners if you wish. For the lips either use a clear gloss or balm or go for a lip colour that doesn't differ too much from your natural lip colour - so go slightly pinker or nude if you prefer. For casual daytime look, only dust blusher over the apples of the cheeks. But for a more sophisticated look, dust it in a diagonal sweep down the cheekbones and blend.

If it's you eyes you want to take centre stage, this seasons hot colour is pastel green. Although it may be a little different from what you're used to, it brings out any eye colour, has connotations of freshly cut grass and isn't too overpowering, as you may expect, when applied right. The trick is to get a shimmery shade. One good example is a liquid eye shadow like this one: 
Another tip is to match it with your skin tone. A bluey green is best for cold tones whereas an olive shade is better for warm tones. The technique you use is up to you - experiment! Lay off the blusher to avoid looking OTT put if you want to add colour to the lips, I reccommend a pastel pink as this contrasts with the green meaning both lips and eyes can stand out at the same time. But if you do this don;t apply either too heavy or you will look to fake.

So give all of these a go - and remember, there's no need to stick to just one of these all season! Alternate between all of them if you wish! Or if you do find one of them suits you the best, then rock it!! :)

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